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Solar Tracking Motors
These motors can used for solar tacking.  PV, trough, and parabolic tracking are typical applications. Tracking motors have gear reduction allowing very precise movement with little over shoot. The gear boxes have a high enough gear ratio, that they will hold in place without any power while they are stopped eliminating breaking mechanisms. They are low current designs and run on 12 volts.PV panels and or batteries could provide power where grid power is impractical. These motors are the same motors we use on our solar tracking units. Our Tracking Computer in combination with these motors ensure the motors do not run any more that they have to due to our "No Hunt Circuitry". We use these motors with a worm gear at the shaft for east west tracking and all thread rod for up down tracking. Motor roll back caused by wind has never been experienced at all.

Part # ACROM1

 solar tracking motor


Part # ACROM2


Part # ACROM3

solar tracking gear motor

Other motors of varying speeds and torque may be available

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Solar Tracking Systems with no dish or heat receiver coming soon!

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