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Solar Tracker Concentrator


The two axis solar tracker is a self managed single standalone computer controller.

It guides a parabolic concentrating dish or PV array on two axis, meaning east to west and up/down.

The Acro Solar Tracker monitors temperature, controls and monitors a single pump or pumps in a series.

 It uses an optical scope to sense the suns position and drives two motors to bring your array or dish to face the sun dead on.

The solar tracking system also charges and monitors battery backup and monitors electric power source.

Tracker front panel has a generous display of LED lights that tell you what the tracker is doing in normal operations, and LED lights to tell you why it parked, if that is the case.

This system is designed to run completely automatic and unmanned.

If the system loses its source electrical power, the battery will move and park the system out of the sun until power is restored if there is any sunlight left that day. This redundancy eliminates any damage to concentrator due to no water pump flow. The PV tracking version computer will not move out of the sun but will resume tracking when power is restored if any daylight remains. (please specify Concentrator or PV tracker when ordering)

The solar tracking system may high temp, indicated by high temp light. This indicates maximum preset water storage temperature has been reached. Storage could be a insulated tank pool or spa.

 The Hot Boiler light will turn on if the heat receiver senses inadequate water flow for any reason such as failed pump, low flow or any other situation that would cause low flow.

The solar tracking computer/manager has built in automatic re-circulation freeze protection. This feature is useful in areas where freeze is seldom. The use of glycol fluids with our heat exchangers is recommended in northern areas where freeze is often.

Dead on tracking and wide angle sun finding ability mean the solar tracking computer can can find the sun up to six hours later after the sun breaks through the clouds.


Operation is very simple. One toggle switch turns on the tracking. A second toggle switch allows you to run the pump to check for circulation used usually at time of installation or service. There is also a reset push button, normally used at time of power up. Four other push buttons (UP, DOWN, EAST and WEST) allow you to manually position the dish in any direction for service. Comes as a complete tracking system with solar tracking computer, optic scope, cables, limit switches, rain cover, and a manual.

Tracking computer face front view drawing..

Front view of tracking computer.

Tracking Computer Face


Tracking computer circuit board

 (top right) Motor Control Interface board measures 2" x 4.75"

(bottom right) Main computer Eprom controlled plug in edge card measures 5" x 5"

Our fiber optic scope is completely sealed from weather. It works with our patented No-Hunt circuits in our tracking computer. The scope has wide angle sun finding ability as well as dead on tracking.

Using a scope to find the sun is always more accurate than tracking on memory or where the sun should be, based on several calculations. For example, as the sun sets in the horizon we see the sun through more atmosphere than if it were directly overhead causing more refraction so the sun in the setting horizon appears to be in a different place than where it really is. It is desirable to track the sun where it appears to be opposed to where it should be. In a solar concentrating dish, not looking dead at the sun would cause the sunlight to reflect to a point other than where the affixed collector lies.

4 way optical tracking scope..

Aproximately 1.25" X 8"

Example drawing of the 4 way optical scope..

Optical Scope Sensor

Now you can do it your self. Track two single axis solar trough arrays or one double axis solar concentrating dish with with one computer-management system. You could also track two single axis photovoltaic (PV) arrays or one double axis photovoltaic (PV) array with one computer.

 Rear of computer has terminals for pump and battery and plugs for cables which connect to scope, limit-switches, motors and sensors. Can run on PV power. Comes with comprehensive manual. Gear-motors available in assorted speed ratios. AC/DC model runs on 120 AC, or 12/24 DC, otherwise same as above. The complete tracking system is included with any Dish Kit.

The Acro Solar Lasers Solar Tracker's combined features are standard in our trackers.These features are only comparable to other manufactures top priced models and true competitors stand very far and few between. This is not a cumbersome heavy weight or multi boxed system that somehow magically tracks the sun unlike the other guys. This system is the core of our solar laser system which has been refined, tried, tested, and proven, for over 25 years. No system is as comprehensive, easy to use, power consumption efficient, self automated, as accurate, and reliable as the Acro Solar Tracker.

People around the world are always fascinated and in such disbelief that such a system has ever existed when they encounter Acro Solar Lasers for the first time. Our trackers and efficient implementation of them continue to set the bar on such systems.

No others in the world offer as complete or powerful systems such as these to the public at reasonable prices. 


Tracking Computer Management System available in three models as follows:


 Tracking Computer: runs on 12/24 volt DC. includes computer, scope, cables, limit switches, and rain cover.
Cat.# TCDC11

Tracking Computer: runs on AC,  120 or 240 50-60Hz AC. includes computer, scope, cables, limit switches, and rain cover.
Cat.# TCAC12

Tracking Computer: runs on AC-DC,  120 or 240 50-60Hz AC, or 12/24 DC, includes computer, scope, cables, limit switches, and rain cover. Cat.# TCACDC13

Extra long Cable Harnesses are available by request.

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